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About us

About Us

GOLDEN APEX is a property marketing firm focused on delivering professional and customized real estate services to individuals and Corporates in the private and public sector in East Africa.

We offer specialized real estate marketing services refined several years of operation in Kenya for both residential and commercial properties in Kenya. Our success is derived from strategically studying the real estate market with a direct relation to properties and identifying the correct target groups. We then profile and approach the market from a point of knowledge. In real estate, it is critical to understand the market and its dynamics.

At Golden Apex we fully understand this. Our hands-on, flexible, and personalized approach to the business serves as our core competence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to market real estate investments for our clients with utmost professionalism, to ensure maximum returns while providing transparent and state of the art services to the property owners. Because of this we have adopted the most advanced technological innovations in property marketing to provide the seamless services to our clients and tenants.

Service Proficiency

Golden Apex is a firm with specialized knowledge and experience in the area of property marketing and sales. It has a very skilled workforce under an efficient management. Our highly motivated and multi-disciplined professional staff are actively involved in sourcing, marketing, selling and management of both residential and commercial properties. With a state-of-the-art cloud-based CRM system, Golden Apex is the ultimate property marketing company for a wise property owner
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Marketing Approach

Once contracted as Marketing team, we immediately deploy our robust marketing strategies to drive uptake of using our marketing strategies. These strategies have proven to be very effective in all our projects.

Our marketing and sales channels include and are not limited to the following channels:
Company representation at Development’s Site We make sure that all sites have knowledgeable site representatives who attend to prospective buyers. Our site representatives undergo a thorough training before being deployed to sites.

Target Groups
We carefully select and identify target groups of prospective clients and approach the groups directly. Our target groups include Doctors, Lawyers, Embassies, International organizations, Multinational Corporations, NGO’s, Banks, Insurance Companies, Manufacturing industries etc. Whereas most agents wait for prospective clients to approach them, Golden Apex carefully targets such groups and approach them directly leading to quick turnaround on rentals/sales.